PeapodLife Benefits


  • Open to airflow, root systems filter, clean and replenish the air around you more naturally and healthily than HVAC systems.

  • Feel and perform better in close proximity to our vibrant Building EcoSystems.

  • Bring beauty and prestige into your home, condo, office, school, health & wellness facility or public space; anywhere you or others work, rest and/or play.

  • Opposed to subjective art or artificially supported living walls, a Peapod Life Building EcoSystem is a cost-effective way to add value to a space and is appreciated by all who encounter it.

  • Benefit from a truly advanced unique offering more alive and effective than other manufactured living walls. Make your property stand out with an entirely different level of “wow.” An experience you have to feel to fully appreciate.

  • Replace your HVAC filters and other system parts less often thanks to natural air filtration by the EcoSystem taking a load off the system.

  • Moderate temperatures naturally; help narrow the range of extremes within your space. Enjoy subtle, yet appreciable reduction in heating and cooling costs over the long term.

  • Appreciate additional benefits from available green design & technologies: reduced energy costs via renewable energy; improved water usage via rain- and grey-water capture; increased productivity and wellness via better use of natural light; more.