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Vision & Values

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“To be the best while doing good.”

Our Vision

To be the leading design & build company that is sought after for its innovative design and quality construction and one that is recognized for using their projects as a means to helping women, the community and the environment.


In a nutshell: To be the best builder while doing good.


You win.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran of the building process, a large construction or renovation project can be exciting, daunting, and downright scary. You want the best possible outcome and the most value from your budget. In short, you want to go with ‘the best’ builder.


You could say we are the best because of our inspired designs, our professional work force, our openness and transparency; but really, this is just as it should be. You should expect nothing less from any builder. We take nothing away from other quality builders in the GTA.

You can rely on Wo-Built to do the best for your project and therefore for you … we have real skin in the game: a financial, reputational, and emotional stake in your project.

What makes us the best for you is this: we are your advocate; your champion. We fight for you against any and all obstacles your project might encounter: the city, the weather, building surprises, et al. We are also your coach, giving you guidance through the emotional rollercoaster. Relax! You can rely on us to do the best for your project and therefore for you.


We are stakeholders in your project, not only because we like you—that is a given—but because we have real skin in the game: a financial stake (we like to be paid), a reputational stake (we like to show off the projects we do), and an emotional stake (we love what we do).


Like any coach, advocate, champion…our success depends on you ‘winning.’ That is why we are the best for you; and, why you shouldn’t settle for second best.


Community and Environment

Win For Wo-Built, “doing good” means more than just doing right by our clients. It means taking the roll of coach, advocate and champion to the next level—into the broader community and the environment.


Our social mission encompasses supporting women in the trades, building affordable housing, and actively promoting, employing and advancing eco-friendly building standards.


You can learn all about the ways we play coach, advocate and champion in the Community section of our site.



Wobinna Portrait

Hi! I'm Wobinna.

How passionate are we about doing good? We even started our own comic character, Wobinna, to help educate girls and young women in support of our social mission.


Wo-Built Inc. is dedicated to women in the trades. We created Wobinna & Friends to encourage women to look at the construction industry as an alternative career choice with a multitude of options. Wobinna & Friends is interested in all aspects of the construction industry. We would like to see more women explore the many opportunities open to them and become successful.