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Wo-Built's ValueXeptional Classic Second Floor Addition Model Offer


We advocate families staying within their existing communities rather than moving to new ones since established communities can give stability, help and security. But of course we understand that sometimes more space is required.


Adding a second storey or a rear addition is the next consideration. However, adding to the building often only becomes an option if the cost of the addition is in line with buying a bigger house in move-in condition. Hence we looked hard at providing families with an offer that makes adding a second storey affordable.


Our ValueXeptional Classic Second Floor Model is a fast track 2nd floor addition initiative that combines cost effective return on investment with innovative design.


After having looked at the GTA housing stock for the last few years we noticed the amazing similarities in bungalow design and we were able to develop a typical second storey floor plan that takes into account the increase home value potential.


The ValueXeptional Classic Second Floor Model is based on providing 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and closet space on the second floor. The starting price of $167,000 + HST is based on 800 sft, no finishes and external cladding, since finishes and external cladding are design and material driven and offer many choices. A separate finishes contract takes care of the final touches for your dream home.


ValueXeptional, a derivative of value and exceptional, refers to our value added fast track processes that reduce the hassle, stress and timelines for the construction, hence being cost effective and to our exceptional designs that bring wow-factor to our projects. Classic refers to the second floor typical layout for a bungalow. The typical floor plan does not prevent your own personal touches and dream house niceties. This is where our 4-step Process for Making Your Dream House a Reality comes in to play. We start with your Dream House Assessment, a 90-minute exploration of the possibilities, your dreams and needs. Followed by your Dream House Design, where we design innovatively and take care of the details, including dealing with the City or municipalities. In your Dream House Construction we manage and take care of the construction process, leaving you free to go about your normal life. Finally your Dream House Outcome where your dream vision comes to life delivered on time and on budget.

Classic Specification: $167,000 + HST

(detailed specification is per individual contract):

Options (extra to basic price):

Exclusions (separate contract):

Conditions, but not limited to, to meet base price:

If you are interested to know more about the offer or know someone who would be, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.