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Why Women?

Women have great talents that are well suited for the construction industry, such as aptitude for detail, committed to care and attention; it is the attention to detail that is important.


When women decide to go into the trades they are extremely good at them and have great pride in their accomplishments. They are meticulous, design orientated and they strive to have the highest skill and level of professionalism.


The Wo-Built Career Advancement Program

Our mission is to help women enter and succeed in the skilled trades. The Career Advancement Program offers both employment opportunities and mentoring. For women at the start of their career we offer training and ‘project shadowing’ opportunities on suitable projects of ours. We place them with our sub-trades for the duration of the projects for maximum exposure to the different trades. Thus, they can either make informed decisions on which trade to follow or to advance their skills in their chosen trade. We need mentors and skilled trades women to work on our site and we are always looking for women who are already highly proficient in their trade. If you would like to talk to us about opportunities please contact us or send your resume to hr@wobuilt.com. Not sure if the finishing trades are for you? Click here to fill out our "fun" questionnaire.