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January 6, 2012



New Website: Renovating Trumps Moving; should be Fun, Stress-Free Adventure


Property owners and real estate investors stand to benefit from renovating in 2012, but only if they lay aside their misgivings about construction. According to newly revamped website www.wobuilt.com, homeowners should consider renovating over moving and discover all the benefits a building project offers. Design & Build Champion, Wo-Built, Inc., is out to convince owners: building can be enjoyable, relaxing, rewarding.


“We inspire Toronto real estate owners and investors to take a bold plunge into a stress-free adventure in building,” says Wo-Built President, Martina Ernst. “We offer people an uplifting approach to construction: quality, value-based, friendly and fun. We keep homeowners excited about their new house.”


Many homeowners overlook the advantages of renovating due to misconceptions there’s less cost and fewer headaches in selling and buying a new home. Wo-Built puts this and other myths to rest with “Renovate or Move?,” revealing financial and other benefits of renovating an existing property versus selling/buying.


“Wo-Built offers homeowners a revitalizing, fun experience,” Ms. Ernst continues. “We promise to have a general contractor onsite regularly giving updates; looking after the client’s vision; really listening to them; handling issues and communicating solutions with honesty, clarity and transparency.”


A client advocacy approach relieves people’s worries about construction. Wo-Built fights for clients at every step of the process; ensuring homeowners get the best possible result for the budget they have to work with, maximizing property value with absolutely minimal impact on clients’ lifestyle and stress-level.


With real estate red-hot in the GTA and interest rates low, Wo-Built encourages property owners to take the plunge into fun and adventure with value-enhancing upgrades to properties that reward on many levels.



December 23, 2011


Wo-Built Launches New Website for 2012!

Wo-Built is proud to announce the launch of its new website.


"The updated design gives a fresh, contemporary look and feel to the site, and better reflects our direction as a company," CEO Martina Ernst said.