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You wouldn’t let just anyone Run your Practice; Why let just anyone Remodel your Premises?

Beyond medical, dental, and chiropractic care, health and wellness today includes diet, nutrition, exercise, psychology, even spirituality. From naturopathic, homeopathic, and Chinese doctors to physio-, massage, and acupuncture therapists, wellness professionals are leaving the ‘clinic’ to work in Yoga studios, spas, high-end gyms, even trendy aesthetics salons. Health and wellness has truly become a ‘holistic’ affair.


It’s only logical that ‘mind, body, spirit’ practitioners and their premises are being held to the same high expectations established by the medical field. This begs the question: should a wellness practice of any kind risk their reputation and/or litigation for the sake of saving a few thousand dollars?


The days of the cold examination room or the dingy downtown office are numbered. People demand a comfortable, healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment. Spas and salons understand this very well, as do yoga and martial arts studios. Space has a look and a ‘feel.’ Poorly designed and/or cheaply constructed spaces simply have a bad vibe to them. This reflects poorly on you and your practice.


Even the traditional doctor and dentist are beginning to understand that they own a business; and, like any business, they cope with competition and benefit from efficiency. Space defines efficacy. Well-designed and built spaces increase productivity and improve clients’ overall experience. This reflects well on you and your practice.


The Greater Toronto Area is ranked among Canada’s most stressful cities. As a wellness professional you will appreciate Wo-Built’s top-drawer design and build services which recognize your practice may be a business, but you are only human. We do the work on your premises in the shortest time and with the least stress for you. The bottom-line: we are nothing without our health. Wo-Built could mean everything to the health and wellness of your practice.