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Kitchen Design

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Initial Meeting

During our first visit to our client’s property we look at ways of maximizing the space under consideration and measure your space to see what we can create. Wo-Built, as Builders and Designers are motivated to create an environment you can enjoy for years. Our design work often leads us into looking at how the whole house works and making recommendations on issues much bigger than just the kitchen. Wo-Built designs high quality, elegant and sophisticated living spaces which are synonymous with style and luxury. We take great care in designing a space that you want!! Not what we want.


Concept Design

Once you engage us in the design we will start by exploring the possibilities of the room. Typically this results in two or three different solutions to your space. These are not necessarily intended to be all conquering schemes. Instead we present them in a deliberately rough and sketchy manner in order to provoke reactions and further discussion. Moving forward we would typically pick several preferred aspects from each solution and combine them into one workable scheme for further development.


Detail Design

The development is not rushed or left to go on for too long without consulting you on its progress. Wo- Built's approach is to work with you rather than for you, and in doing so we can understand your desires for the kitchen even if you find it hard to articulate them. To create the overall aesthetic you desire, we recommend shapes, finishes, colour, and textures that will bring your project to life. Watching and directing the evolution of your project, from initial conversations to the final scheme will result in a fixed quote, schedule of works, plans, sketches and samples.



Once you commission the project we can start to make the necessary preparations to get your style chosen , designed and ordered. This often involves liaising with craftsmen We also offer additional services from lighting design, wall finishes, flooring and tiling. While the possibilities are endless, only one combination is right for you.