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Your Advocate

When it comes to your commercial building project, we are your advocate; your champion. We fight for you against any and all obstacles your project might encounter: the city, the weather, building surprises, et al. First time investor? Seasoned developer? Relax! You can rely on us to do the best for your project and therefore for you. We are stakeholders in your project. We have real skin in the game: a financial stake (we like to be paid), a reputational stake (we like to show off the projects we do), and an emotional stake (we love what we do).


Like any small business owner, we know you will appreciate Wo-Built’s advocacy advantage. We apply superior design & build quality and business acumen to build efficiencies and efficacies into your business space. The resulting “wow-factor” shows well on you and your practice.

Renovations & Complete Remodelling

We specialize in complete image and branding of commercial interior spaces. From professional offices to building lobbies to spas and other health and wellness facilities, Wo-Built goes far beyond simply “remodelling.”


From the design of the space to the materials on the walls and floors to the lighting design, we take branding impression into three-dimensional space. Be they customers, clients, business partners—whomever—Wo-Built makes sure your space will make the right impression they will want to keep returning to your place of business.


We understand the essence of your business, your brand, the “feeling” you wish patrons to have when they visit your business, and the “takeaway” you wish them to keep top of mind.


Additions, In-Fills, Demolition & Rebuilds and New Builds

There is literally tens of millions of underutilized existing and/or potential new square footage in the GTA. The City’s Official Plan includes a plan for the avenues—major corridors—which includes major redevelopment and renewal. This is on top of the thousands of small bungalows just waiting to snatched up with low interest rates and converted into trendy triplex condo units.

Attention: Medical, Health & Wellness Professionals

It goes without saying we have a soft-spot in our hearts for medical and health and wellness facilities. The value(s) Wo-Built brings to the table serve the needs of the medical field especially well, where cutting corners is not an option—for health, safety and liability reasons, among many others. Our goal is to build a space which shines and reflects the excellence of your practice.

Whether you are a first-time real-estate investor or a seasoned real-estate developer, Wo-Built is your first choice for commercial property design and contracting. We all come from business backgrounds.


We will show you how to get more valuable useable space for your investment dollar, no matter what building scenario you are in.


We know that if long-term investment is your strategy, “building it on the cheap” is not the way to go. The future costs of repairs will far outweigh the present costs of “building it right,” and we have the numbers to prove it.


We are not just a “builder for hire;” you are not merely a client. We are partners in your investment.