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Your Dream House Assessment

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The Wo-Built difference begins by making sure everyone is on the same page before any building begins. We achieve this with our exclusive Your Dream House Assessment.

Your ideal home and/or ideal home renovation begins by sharing your vision of what you’re looking for. The Dream House Assessment helps you formulate and communicate your vision so much better than magazine articles, pictures or design references from home improvement shows.


Shows and magazines represent someone else’s taste and situation. So while the concepts you find in them might be what you’re after, your situation varies. That variance ends up being left to the interpretation of the contractor. Often the results fall short of expectations, and the chances of disappointment increase since everyone envisages similar things differently according to their own experience.


Wo-Built’s “Your Dream House” Assessment gives you an invaluable tool which will enable optimum understanding of your dream house. By exploring your individuality and your unique problems and situations, you can truly determine what you want and what will suit you. Communication becomes so much more effective between all parties and the results are so much more satisfying.