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Renovate or Move?

Many people wonder which is more cost effective: building an addition or moving into a new home. Let’s look at a simplified case of an existing house and a new house located in the same Toronto west end neighbourhood.

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Exceptional Value

After having looked at the GTA housing stock for the last few years we noticed the amazing similarities in bungalow design and we were able to develop a typical second storey floor plan that takes into account the increase home value potential. The ValueXeptional Classic Second Floor Model is based on providing 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and closet space on the second floor. More >

Get More Space in Your Place

Wo-Built designs and builds additions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in: 2nd floor additions and front and back extensions (also known as rear extensions). But we also do 3rd floors, attics, lofts, split-level designs, side additions, sunrooms, and so much more.


No Growing Pains

Relax and let Wo-Built design and build you an addition which maximizes the liveable square footage available, no matter what the limitations of your current house, property, zoning by-laws, or budget.


Extensions and side additions are generally more cost-effective. They also have the added advantage of allowing you to stay in the home during the renovation.


Second-floor additions are preferable given restrictions in property size—sometimes the only direction you can grow is up.


Wo-Built will walk you through all your renovation options and makes certain you understand the pros and cons of each.


We want you to be able to grow your home without the growing pains.