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Letter from the President

I have often been asked how Wo-Built differs from other design and build construction companies. The answer is simple: Wo-Built is the best builder because we are the best builder for you. Let me explain…


Building is an adventure; your adventure. Be it a custom home, 2nd floor addition, front or rear extension, or extensive interior remodeling your residential or commercial building project represents a significant investment for you and comes with a whole series of unknowns, whether you are first-timer or not.


Wo-Built is your guide in this adventure called your building project. We understand where you are coming from and what you’re going through. Wo-built is your advocate. From the initial design phase through construction to handover, we fight for you—your tastes, needs, and budget. You inspire us and motivate us. Building your vision is one thing; making it a fun adventure is something else entirely.


Sure, there will be pitfalls to face and obstacles to overcome. Nothing worthy of being called an adventure comes without them. With Wo-Built on your side, you are prepared for these in advance, are promptly informed when they arise, and always consulted as they are solved. Together, we make quick work of problems with minimal stress and get on with what we both really want to see.


The finished project: it’s always a “WOW!” moment, for you and for us. At Wo-Built, we love what we do. There is nothing that compares with the feeling of delivering an extraordinary building to a client—a design inspired by your needs and tastes made into bricks n’ mortar (and wood and glass and…) with quality and care. That moment is made even sweeter with positive memories of an adventure we took together, at the end of which we want you to proudly say, “I built it. Wo-Built just made it happen.”


So yes, Wo-Built does good by our clients. We believe in doing good in other ways as well.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading design & build company that is sought after for its innovative design and quality construction and one that is recognized for using their projects as a means to helping women, the community and the environment.


In short,


To be the best (builder) while doing good.

As one of the few female-led design and build companies in the Greater Toronto Area, we believe that women are great assets to the building industry, especially in the finishing trades. We provide mentoring, and support for women and help cultivate their distinctive talents whenever possible.


Wo-Built has been keeping pace with advances in eco-friendly technology and building techniques. Quality is the original green technology: less maintenance and waste over time.


Finally, Wo-Built has worked on creating affordable housing in the community. Our long-term goal is to combine all three of our social missions: providing training while building affordable, green housing.


As a boutique building company, we strive to be recognized for innovative design and excellent construction. Our aim is to provide a wonderful construction experience for our clients from initial design consultation to finished building. Lastly, we believe in doing good in the broader community just as we do good by our clients.


You build your dream; we make it happen. We also make a difference. That’s the Wo-Built difference.


Martina Ernst