Pick from the Freshest Green Technology, Systems & Solutions

PeapodLife utilizes an integrated set of cutting-edge technologies to ensure our Buildings and EcoSystems deliver the utmost in value to our clients and all who share in their PeapodLife.

  • Information Technology - Platforms and solutions for remote monitoring of buildings, systems, and more.
  • Renewable Power - Solar, geothermal and cutting edge green energy saves you money and increases your energy security.
  • Water Capture and Reverse Osmosis - We give our EcoSystems only the cleanest living water possible; including captured and filtered rainwater and grey water whenever possible. We offer high-quality living water systems for people, too.
  • Living Structures - By integrating technology and ecology into the actual structure itself, we create truly living space.
  • Unlimited Possibilities - PeapodLife is always forming new relationships, alliances and partnerships with technology leaders. As long as a technology meets our high standards and is in line with our vision, mission and values, particularly universal well being and symbiosis with nature, we will consider adding it to the BEST complement. 

The BEST approach integrates technology and ecology; design and function.