BEST Green Real Estate Investment

(Greenhabbing that's Social, Environmental & Economic)

PeapodLife BEST HOMES (Building EcoSystems & Technology via Home Ownership for the Masses that's Economical & Social) offers investors an approach that is truly unique.

Together with our partner, Casavant, we can help investors profit from converting undervalued properties in prime locations into green dream homes: truly sustainable, and unlike anything else on the market.

PeapodLife's unique all-in-one greenhabbing program rolls green renovations and PeapodLife ecosystems into the mortgage, greatly reducing the up-front capital costs (and risks) for investors! (Checkout the graphic for the breakdown). PeapodLife and any affiliated contractors / subs we employ are performance bonded to 1 ½ times the project. Buy, renovate and sell truly green properties at a fraction of the investment of capital, time, energy and headaches.

Green income properties, rent-to-own, condo, co-op, mixed residential-commercial, or commercial properties. The Possibilities are Endless.

The Benefits of Greenhabbing

There are really too many to list, and plenty of resources online which spell out why Green Real Estate Investing is the only step forward in the evolution of real estate investing. 

So what's so “Social” about all this?

PeapodLife, partnered with Casavant’s Second Suites Program, is poised to  change the social and affordable housing landscape. It's is a true game-changer. So revolutionary and potentially lucrative, in fact, to receive more information, investors must first sign and return a confidentiality agreement. Connect with us TODAY for more information.

It's Time for Real Estate Investing to Evolve.

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