Property Developers & Real Estste Investors Discover pPodLite

On Saturday March 30th, PeapodLife attended the 2013 Property Show. It was an incredible opportunity for real estate investors, developers, architects, and others to get hands-on with one of our smaller living wall ecosystems, pPodLite.

Comments from attendees of the Property Show included:

"I can really feel it!"

"I can't believe we don't have one of these in ever building!"

"The photos on your website are nice, but they can't do it justice."

It's just a fact that the air and atmosphere given off by PeapodLife Living Wall EcoSystems is 10 times fresher and cleaner than outside. All our ecosystems produce the highest quality air and living water, including our most affordable, off-the-shelf units, pPodLite Angolo and Muro.

A complete description and photos can be found on our Blog.

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