PeapodLife Officially Launches pPodLite

Peapod Life's compact EcoSystems are now online! These self-contained living wall units are fantastic additions to home or office; condo or cottage; clinic or boutique...anywhere space may be is tight, but the potential for fresh air, revitalized atmosphere, and natural beauty is bountiful! 

pPodLite makes the "impossible" an easy and relatively affordable reality.

Forget just surviving, pPodLite ecosystems give exotic plants, moss, even orchids a place to thrive and flourish.  No other living wall system, be it soil, hydroponic, chemical or organic can compare with the power of a high-order ecosystem to support life.

Add an umbilical (or two, or three) and grow the freshest, healthiest, most energizing food you have ever had.  Peapod Life's exclusive Zero-Nutrient approach means the ecosystem does the work.

Check out the links for more info and all the benefits!

pPodLite Muro

pPodLite Angolo